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Dear customers,
I will be closing my commissions for an indefinite period of time.

I will also be taking this time to complete all the commissions I have taken on and promised to deliver, upgrade my skills and build more confidence in my art. I might reopen commissions when I feel like doing so.This does not affect those who are already on my commission list /already have a confirmation from me that I'll be working on their respective projects.Should you still wish to engage my services, I'm keeping my commissions slots open till 30th September. All commissions that are accepted at this point will start AFTER November 2022.Sorry and thank you for your patronage. I hope to upgrade and serve all of you better in the future.

Logo Design

Designed from scratch
USD 50 (+USD 10 for animation)
Animate existing logo
✰ With AI file USD 15
✰ Without AI file USD 40
Convert existing PNG logo to AI file
USD 30 (+USD30 for complex design)*

Livestream assets

Just Chatting / Game Overlay
USD 25 (+USD 5 for animation)
Start/End/BRB Screens
USD 25 (+USD 5 for animation)

Animated stinger

USD 20

General Graphic Design

Stream Announcements
USD 20
Social Media Banners
USD 20
Twitch Panels (Set of 6)
✰ No Illustration USD 15
✰ With Illustration USD 45
Ask for price

Animated Alerts

by TiXiT

USD 25 per alert

No sample yet


by TiXiT

USD 10 per emote
(+USD 5 for animation)


by Dex Hexallion

Single track (Max length 4 min)
Flexible editing policy.
Loops/Cuts/Stems are as requested.
Rate could increase according to complexity of request.
USD 40 per track

Sound Effects (SFX)

by Dex Hexallion

Flexible pricing for simpler sounds if needed
Highest quality and mastering possible
USD 10 per pack of 10 - 25 custom built sounds


by Dex Hexallion

narration / voice over works
male (tenor) voice
multi-style, formal or informal
English / Malay / Japanese (scripts encouraged)
USD 20 per project

Art by Noyu's Art Bakery

About StarFyr3z

Hewwo, StarFyr3z at your service!I'm a freelance graphic designer with 6 - 7 years of design experience. Prior to designing for the VTuber community, I have experience with working in professional settings. So don't hesitate to contact me for commercial projects.I design mostly with Adobe Illustrator, but I am also pretty well versed in Photoshop, After Effects and Premier Pro.Looking forward to working with you!Email : [email protected]

About Tixit

Introducing TiXiT, one of our business partners!TiXiT is a freelance illustrator that specializes in mechanical based illustrations that has been drawing for 12 years and counting.TiXiT does art streams on Twitch every Monday to Thursday from 2pm (GMT +8) onwards.Email : [email protected]

About Dex hexalion

Introducing Dex Hexalion, one of our business partners!"Hello! Kazami Shintaro here, great to see you. I run the Touhou doujin circle named Dex Hexallion.I'm a freelance composer and audio editor, and open for commissions!I specialise in touhou arrangements, especially in the Digital Orchestra genre.
I also compose original soundtracks for multiple medias such as visual novels, youtube streamers, and video games, alongside various sound editing and SFX designs.
I am flexible in a wide variety of genres and willing to experiment and divulge into new creative ideas.

Terms of Service

... How my commissions work: ...

  1. Send me a message on Twitter or email me at [email protected]

  2. I will respond within 5 working days to your DM or email to discuss further about your project.

  3. Once both parties come to an agreement on the project's deliverables and deadlines, I will send you the finalized quote for the entire project.

  4. Once you paid (at least 50% of the total project fee), I will start working on your project.

  5. Different projects will have slightly different terms and WIP updates. These will be discussed and agreed upon during the discussion stage.

  6. I will release the final high res files (usually JPG, PNG, MP4 or MOV formats) to you once everything is confirmed okay and the project fees are paid in full. This does NOT include the working files.

  7. Any change requests at this point (once I hand over the final artwork / video) will not be entertained.

... By commissioning me, you agree to the following terms of service: ...

  1. NONE of the arts or projects that is done by me or showcased on this website can be used as an NFT.

  2. Prices are quoted based on the complexity of any projects that are commissioned.

  3. I will start working on projects once I receive a minimum payment of 50% of the total price. The remaining 50% should be paid before I release the final artwork / videos to you.

  4. No refunds / cancellations once I've started.

  5. Project deadlines highly depend on the complexity of the projects and will be discussed and agreed upon by both parties during the quotation stage.

  6. I reserve the rights to decline any commissions without stating my reason.

  7. I usually take about 1 - 2 weeks to complete a commission, depending on my workload at my day job as well as the complexity of the project you commissioned me to work on.

  8. Please do not redistribute, reproduce, edit, or resell my work without my consent.

  9. Working files for the project will NOT be provided. If you want the working file, I will need to charge you extra for it.

  10. If you do not want me to post your commission, please let me know. Otherwise, I have the rights to post them on social media to promote my services.

  11. Payment for clients outside of Malaysia will be through Paypal, only in USD. Malaysian clients can opt to pay me via Touch N Go E-wallet.

  12. The prices stated on this website are STRICTLY for indie streamers /VTubers only. If you are an organization or company that wishes to commission me, please email me at [email protected]

StarFyr3z has been streaming for 6 months and this calls for a celebration!

Thank you to everyone who joined in on my journey as a VTuber so far.
I would have never gotten this far without your support, and I truly appreciate it!
I don't really know how to thank you guys, especially my loyal Twitch viewers, where some of them were with me since Day 1. Hence, I planned out a special day to spend quality time with you guys and gift some things within my financial capacity.I really hope that you will like what I have in store for you.Scroll down to find out more!


2 Apr 2022

--- starts at 2pm ( GMT +8 ) ---

Just Chatting
Puzzle Bobble 4 : Baron's Workshop
Goose Goose Duck with Viewers
Just Chatting x dinner
Gartic Phone with Viewers
Karaoke Performance

--- end ---


This prize is brought to you by TiXiT

Set of 3 Custom Emotes Giveaway

... How to participate? ...

... Prize ...

1 set of Custom Emotes
Note : 1 set contains 3 emotes of the winner's choice

... Terms & Conditions ...

This prize is brought to you by Dex Hexallion

Custom BGM / Short Audio Clip Giveaway

... How to participate? ...

... Prize ...

Winners can only pick ONE prize, either
- A Custom BGM or
- A high quality recording of StarFyr3z speaking / voice acting a short phrase of their choice.
Note : Please keep the phrase as family friendly as possible.

... Terms & Conditions ...

This prize is brought to you by Noyu

1x Full Rendered Chibi Giveaway

... How to participate? ...

... Prize ...

1x Full Rendered Chibi of a character of the winner's choice.

... Terms & Conditions ...

This prize is brought to you by Izumi

1x Bust Up Illustration Giveaway

... How to participate? ...

... Prize ...

1x Bust Up Illustration of a character of the winner's choice.

Full Terms & Conditions

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Would you like to be part of my 1st year anniversary that is happening in August 2022?

Send me an email to [email protected] and let's discuss further from there!

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